HOW TO ACCESS Steam in China Mainland

This article has expired, please use this software(Windows): steamcommunity_302

If you want to come to China Mainland and want to access Steam Community, please check out this article.

简体中文版(Simplified Chinese Version):

Test by LXR Inc.(JP)

After the early morning of December 26, 2017 (UTC+8), Steam users in China Mainland cannot access the Steam Community.

According to sources, some Chinese Steam users have published politically sensitive information in the Steam Community.

Although Valve made an adjustment: Users of China Mainland IP Addresses cannot access Steam Discussions, China Mainland still does not remove the restriction for Steam Community.

So now we are still unable to access the Steam Community(Profile,Workshop,Market and etc. at in China Mainland.

Steam Community is disturbed by DNS cache pollution, so we have the following methods to solve this problem:

  • Software
  • Use a non-polluting DNS


There have same ip addresses:


You can also use Software “UsbEAm Hosts Editor”:


Windows: steamcommunity_302
Android: UU Game Booster
Google Play
iOS: UU Game Booster

Non-polluting DNS

I recommend using Neat DNS deployed by the USTC. Their servers are located in Hefei, China.

Change your DNS servers settings:
Android: You can use some DNS Changer APP, such as: .
iOS: You can use some DNS Changer APP.
Neat DNS IP Addresses:

  • (China Telecom)
  • (China Mobile)
  • (China Education Network)

Warning: Neat DNS just can be used in China Mainland.

Thank you for reading this article!

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  • 你是那个在 Google Groups 的 ustc_lug 里发邮件的邓俊晖把,你这篇文章让人看得有点尴尬。首先,中科大并不在西安,而是在安徽合肥…其次,